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Walking and cycling upgrades complete to Havant Town Centre

People living, working and commuting to Havant now have improved walking and cycling facilities in the town centre. 

The improvements include a segregated stepped cycle track – which is built higher than the carriageway, but lower than the footway and allocates road space to cyclists only – adjacent to a realigned pavement between Havant College, Train Station and National Cycle Route 22 via Elmleigh Road.

Crossing facilities on Petersfield Road have been updated to provide a new sparrow crossing and a new pedestrian and cycle priority crossing across the Civic Centre Road junction. The new raised pedestrian and cycle crossing allows people to cross the road at the same level as the footpath and the crossing acts as a traffic calming measure.

The existing splitter island at the roundabout was enlarged to discourage the use of Elmleigh Road by HGVs accessing the New Road industrial estate, providing an improved pedestrian crossing. A splitter island is a raised or painted traffic island that separates traffic in opposing directions of travel typically used at roundabouts.

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