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Better Connected

The new rapid transit network aims to better connect communities and five main travel to work areas:

  • Fareham to Portsmouth
  • Waterlooville to Portsmouth
  • Havant to Portsmouth
  • Isle of Wight to Portsmouth
  • Gosport to Fareham



South East Hampshire Rapid Transit will link Gosport, Fareham, Waterlooville and parts of Havant with Portsmouth and provide connections to local bus, ferries, rail and coach services. More information on rapid transit routes will be provided once funding has been confirmed.

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Fareham Bus Station


The Star


The Star – Plain sailing into Portsmouth

With fabulous buses that have comfortable leather seats, free Wi-Fi, next stop announcements and on-screen BBC news updates, you can rely on The Star to sail you into Portsmouth in style.




In a hurry?

With real-time travel information online and at many stops along the route, you can plan your day with ease. And with a bus up to every 10 minutes between Waterlooville and Portsmouth, you know you’ll never have to wait long for one of our Star services 7 and 8.


New to the bus?

If you haven’t tried the bus before, or it’s been a long time, just ask our friendly drivers for help. Each one of our uniformed Star drivers has been specially selected for their customer care skills and local knowledge. They’ll be delighted to assist you.


Enjoy a challenge?

We think you’ll enjoy Star travel. Each bus is named after a naval vessel or historic ship, to reflect Portsmouth’s proud maritime heritage. We had a lot of fun collaborating with the Royal Navy and Portsmouth Historic Dockyard to come up with a unique design for the exterior of each bus – hopefully you’ll have a bit of fun spotting them all. And look out for the interesting snippets of naval slang on the inside of the bus (bet you didn’t know why we call dinner a ‘square meal’ or why children are sometimes referred to as ‘nippers’!).


Naval Slang

Above board: cargo was stowed on the decks so that customs officials could easily check for contraband.


Isle Of Wight Hovertravel


How Do You Fly a Hovercraft?

A hovercraft is not like a boat and not really like a plane, so what is it like to ‘fly’ a hovercraft? Because a hovercraft is supported by a cushion of air it is not affected by the tides in the way that a boat would be, the lack of contact with the ground gives the hovercraft the ability to move in any direction, easily sliding sideways or backwards with little resistance.


This presents a unique challenge for the ‘Hovercraft Pilot’ to be able to take advantage of these unique abilities, whilst at the same time keeping the hovercraft under control in all weathers, choppy seas, in both day and night-time as well as over land!


Therefore, ‘Hovercraft Pilots’ have to undergo specialist training before they are able gain the qualifications to become a Captain on this type of vessel.

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