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Our Schemes

The Department for Transport released two waves of funding for the Transforming Cities Fund. First, shortlisted cities could bid for ‘quick wins’ – projects that can begin in the financial year 2018/19 and support the overall bid.

We received the full ask of £4 million from the ‘Tranche 1’ fund. This enabled the upgrade of three busy junctions in Portsmouth and installation of Real Time Information at bus stops across Portsmouth, Havant and Waterlooville. In addition, £1.4m was used to support the extension of the Eclipse bus route in Gosport.

Tranche 2 investment totalled just under £56 million and will fund 23 schemes to improve public transport and active travel infrastructure, while supporting the next phase of South East Hampshire Rapid Transit.

Find out more using the links below, or use the map to locate the specific scheme you’re interested in.






For rapid transit to work effectively, transport-related polices must be in sync with and complement one another. We want to encourage people out of their cars and using more sustainable forms of travel, and to do this all SEHRT partners need to work together.

Portsmouth and Fareham Air Quality Local Plan

South East Hampshire Rapid Transit is a key element in Portsmouth City Council’s Air Quality Local Plan. This plan details how Portsmouth aims to reduce levels of nitrogen dioxide in the city to below the legal limit, in the shortest possible time.

Portsmouth City Council Parking Strategy

This is to be developed alongside the SEHRT network. Its aim is to encourage a shift to park and ride, public transport and active modes of travel.

Parking strategies for local authorities in Hampshire alongside the SEHRT network.

These will focus on non-residential parking, especially in town centres, to encourage modal shift and increased use of public transport and active modes.

Local Cycling and Walking plans

Other complementary strategies, including Portsmouth City Council Local Transport Plan, Low Emission Vehicle Strategy, Portsmouth City Council Parking Supplementary Planning Document, Local Plans for the Local Authorities, and an extension of bus lane in Portsmouth and the introduction of bus lane enforcement in South East Hampshire.

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