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Cycle scheme: Eastern Road to Dundas Lane

Closing Date : 31/03/2023

Opening Date :


Name: Project Management Office


Overview of the scheme

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We want to make the cycle route from Anchorage Road to Dundas Lane safer and better for all. We aim to do this by adding shared and separated cycle lanes, installing clearer signage, and making it easier for cyclists and pedestrians to cross at junctions.

If we can make it safer and easier for people to choose to walk or cycle to their destinations instead of driving, there will be less traffic congestion, better air quality and improved levels of fitness.

These proposals are an important part of Portsmouth’s Transport Strategy and the supporting Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP). This is an ambitious delivery plan that proposes significant investment over the next 10 years that looks to transform the city for both walking and cycling.

These works are related to recent improvements that have been made to the Eastern Road cycle path. More improvements are planned in the future, and our aim is to start developing a comprehensive cycle route across the city. The plans are designed to make this route more joined up and safer for people who walk and cycle, while also avoiding increased congestion and air pollution from motor vehicles.

What is proposed and why

As you can see from the map below, we are planning several improvements along Anchorage Road, Robinson Way, and Dundas Lane. This connects to the walking and cycling route along Eastern Road, and we hope it will encourage more people to travel to businesses and schools in this area in a more active way.

Here’s some more information about the planned improvements you can see on the map:

  1. On the south side of Anchorage Road, the footpath would be widened and made into a shared cycle and footpath
  2. We would upgrade the crossings over Anchorage Road and Sywell Crescent at the roundabout, so that cyclists and pedestrians can use them, making it safer for everyone to cross
  3. The footpath on Robinson Way would be widened and new separated footpath and cycle path would be created
  4. A crossing would be added halfway down Robinson Way to make it easier for people walking and cycling to access the zebra crossing on Airport Service Road
  5. The footpath on the east side of Dundas Lane would be turned into a shared cycle path and footpath
  6. At the junction of Dundas Lane and Quartermaine Road, the footpath would be widened and turned into a shared cycle path and footpath to make it safer for people to access Dundas Lane
  7. The northern road into Admiral Lord Nelson School would be turned into a continuous shared cycle and footpath, to make it safer and easier for people to cross
  8. The bus shelter outside the school will be moved to the back of the path
  9. The surface and signage would be improved along the whole path
  10. The shared cycle path and footpath south of the school would be moved away from the busy roundabout to make it safer for everyone using it
  11. The path would be widened at the crossing over Burrfields Road to make more room for people attempting to cross the busy road
  12. The entrance to Moneyfield Avenue would be improved by widening it to make it easier for cyclists to get into Moneyfield Avenue

Map showing the route between Anchorage Road and Dundas Lane


We are very interested in people’s views, especially whether these improvements will make the area safer and encourage more cycling.

We had a survey open to everyone from Sunday 5 June 2022 until Sunday 3 July 2022. This is now closed and our research team are investigating the results. Once the report is complete, you’ll be able to see the results here.

The feedback provided through this survey will help us finalise the designs before we undertake a statutory 21-day consultation, where you will have a further opportunity to give us your views.

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