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Cycle scheme: Frensham Road/Goldsmith Ave

Closing Date : 31/03/2023

Opening Date :


Name: Project Management Office


Overview of the scheme

Transforming Cities Fund logoGoldsmith Avenue is identified in the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) as one of Portsmouth’s key cycle routes, and is a significant section of the east to west corridor. These proposals build on the current cycle scheme on Goldsmith Avenue, extending from Fratton Bridge to the city centre via Sydenham Terrace and Canal Walk.

The proposals are an important part of Portsmouth’s Transport Strategy. Supporting the Transport Strategy is the draft Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan. This is an ambitious delivery plan that proposes significant investment over the next 10 years and looks to transform the city for both walking and cycling. This phase of the Goldsmith Avenue route development is funded through the Transforming Cities Fund.

These proposals include improvements identified for LCWIP route sections 801-A, 801-B, 801-4 & 801-6.

What is proposed and why

We want to improve this route to make it more attractive for people to walk and cycle from the east of the island to the city centre. Although car and van use represent a high proportion of trips in Portsmouth, the distance travelled for journeys to work still remains low. With 24% of all journeys to work being less than 2km, there is great potential to increase the number of those walking and cycling in the city.

All proposals are subject to consultation.

Our proposal improved cycle infrastructure at the following locations:

  • Frensham Road/Goldsmith Ave (LCWIP reference 801-A)
  • Goldsmith Ave/Frensham Road to Francis Ave (LCWIP reference 801-B)
  • Goldsmith Ave/Francis Avenue to Fratton Bridge (LCWIP reference 801 – 4)
  • Sydenham Terrace to the city centre area (LCWIP reference 801 – 6)

This section of the route will link in with the Fratton to Portsmouth Guildhall walking route

Next Steps

Schemes are in the final stages of preliminary design. Once complete proposals will be presented to stakeholders for consultation, details of which will be provided here.

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