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Lake Road

Closing Date : 31/03/2023

Opening Date : 28/09/2020


Name: Project Management Office


Overview of the scheme

Lake Road is a busy east-west route from the city centre to the residential areas of Landport and Fratton. This route experiences congestion at peak times, especially in the morning.

These proposals support Portsmouth’s Local Transport Strategy and would provide benefits for all road users, offering safer walking and cycling routes while bus priority measures will ease congestion and will help keep buses running on time.

What is proposed and why

Lake Road is a key route for many bus services travelling in and out of the city, and forms part of a popular cycling route.

Public transport infrastructure improvements will enable journey time savings, while a new signalised junction will help traffic flow and addresses cycle safety issues at the roundabout.

Our proposal includes:

  • New bus priority measures east bound.
  • Lake Road/Holbrook Road roundabout to be replaced with a traffic-signalled junction.
  • Pedestrian crossings and early release-cycle signals at the new junction.
  • Banned left turn into Church Street from Lake Road, and right turn into Lake Road from Church Street, to improve pedestrian crossing and traffic flow at the junction.

All proposals are subject to consultation.


Next Steps

Schemes are in the final stages of preliminary design. Once proposals are complete, we will consult with stakeholders. Further details will be provided here.

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