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City Centre North

Closing Date : 31/03/2023

Opening Date : 28/09/2020


Name: Project Management Office


Overview of the scheme

This scheme proposes the introduction of a new bus-only access road so buses avoid getting caught in, and adding to, congestion in the city centre particularly along Marketway.

Marketway is located in an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA)¬†and is within the proposed Clean Air Zone boundary, as levels of NO2 in this area currently exceed legal limits. This scheme supports Portsmouth’s Air Quality Local Planand theLocal Transport Strategy by easing congestion and improving walking and cycling in this area.

Initial modelling has shown that once all schemes included in this phase are complete, passengers from Havant could save up to 5 and a half minutes on their journey, passengers from Leigh Park could save up to 11 minutes, passengers from Fareham could save up to 7 minutes and passengers from Waterlooville could save just over 5 minutes.

What is proposed and why

Better bus journeys

Buses need to be able to travel through this area with ease and without causing or getting caught in congestion. This is a popular route for many bus and coach services travelling in and out of Portsmouth city centre and to the Hard Interchange, connecting with train and ferry services. The proposal would improve journey times for thousands of passengers using these routes, and will get them even closer to shops and attractions in the city centre.

Our proposal includes:

  • Making a new bus-only corridor between Cascades Approach and Unicorn Road
  • Routing outbound buses through a new bus-only corridor between Charlotte Street and Commercial Road North
  • Creating an in-bound bus lane at Marketway to Cascades Approach
  • Improving walking and cycling routes
  • Installing a new pedestrian crossing to the south of Unicorn Road
  • Adding a northbound bus lane at Church Street Roundabout

All proposals are subject to consultation.

City centre north proposals

City centre proposals: Charlotte Street

Next Steps

Schemes are in the final stages of preliminary design. Once complete proposals will be presented to stakeholders for consultation, details of which will be provided here.

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