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City Centre South

Closing Date : 31/03/2023

Opening Date : 28/09/2020


Name: Project Management Office


Overview of the scheme

The City Centre South scheme includes the southern end of Commercial Road, Station Street and Isambard Brunel Road. This is a busy area, with lots of traffic and large numbers of people.

Currently buses are held up in Commercial Road and Isambard Brunel Road.

These proposals would provide benefits for active travel and public transport and support Portsmouth’s Local Transport Strategy and draft Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP). Reducing traffic in the area and adding controlled crossings will make it easier and safer for people to cross Station Street, while a new bus-only corridor will help keep buses running on time.

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What is proposed and why

This scheme includes the southern end of Commercial Road and Isambard Brunel Road. This is a busy area, with lots of traffic and large numbers of people.

We are looking to introduce a bus-only route and improve the area for walking, cycling and public transport. Surrounding footpaths will also be improved to link with the Fratton to Portsmouth Guildhall walking route.

To improve this area of the city we are proposing to:

  • Modify the road layout on Isambard Brunel Road to allow a two-way traffic flow for buses and taxis
  • Replace the mini roundabout with a crossroads traffic light junction, with controlled pedestrian crossings.
  • Add a new controlled pedestrian crossing on Isambard Brunel Road, near to Guildhall Square

The use of private hire vehicles in these bus lanes is subject to a trial which will be conducted in early 2022.


Our consultation period for this scheme is now closed. It was open from 17 December 2021 to 31 January 2022, and the feedback we received will will help us decide where to make specific improvements to this route, and how best to implement these changes. You can see the results of this consultation here.

Next, we will collate and analyse the responses, before releasing a detailed plan for the area. This will then be taken to Portsmouth City Council for approval to proceed, then a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) will be applied for. This is a legal tool to introduce most traffic management controls on roads and is used to regulate, restrict or prohibit the use of a road, or any part of the width of a road, by vehicle traffic or pedestrians. A TRO may take effect at all times, or during specified periods, and may not affect all classes of traffic. Find out more about TROs at our site.

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