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Portsbridge area junction improvements

Closing Date : 31/03/2023

Opening Date : 28/09/2020


Name: Project Management Office


Overview of scheme

Transforming Cities Fund logoThis scheme will address congestion and improve safety in the Portsbridge roundabout area. Between March 2015 and February 2020 there were 10 incidents involving cyclists, two of which were serious.

The scheme will also improve approaches to the roundabout and the southbound junction where Northern Parade and London Road split.

These proposals play a significant part in Portsmouth’s Local Transport Strategy, and will benefit all road users by offering a wider shared path for walking and cycling, easing congestion at busy junctions and introducing bus priority measures to help keep buses running on time.

What is proposed and why

The Portsbridge roundabout and the junction of A2047/A3 are high-incident areas. Proposed junction improvements will better manage the traffic flow to improve safety, while dedicated bus lanes and gates give buses priority to travel through congestion pinch points.

Our proposals include:

Improvements to Portsbridge roundabout

  • Traffic signals at A27 Western Road and A397 Northern Road.
  • Bus priority measures at Northern Road and Hilsea Lido.
  • A new crossing at Northern Road and widened shared cycle path to the west of the roundabout to allow safer crossing for people who walk and cycle.

Improvements to the A3/London Road junction

  • Traffic signals at the A2047/A3 junction
  • Change the existing U-Turn for bus use only, to improve safety and general traffic flow at the junction.

All proposals are subject to consultation.

Portsbridge area proposals


Next Steps

Schemes are in the final stages of preliminary design. Once complete proposals will be presented to stakeholders for consultation, details of which will be provided here.

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