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Rudmore Roundabout

Closing Date : 31/03/2023

Opening Date : 28/09/2020


Name: Project Management Office


Overview of the scheme

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Rudmore Roundabout is a busy junction in the heart of Portsmouth city centre. It’s used by local motor vehicles, buses and lorries to get into the city centre, Portsmouth International Port and cargo terminal and the M275. During busy periods, it can often get congested which delays traffic – including the local Park & Ride bus service.

As part of our aim to make public transport, walking and cycling quicker, easier and more attractive, we want to make some improvements to this roundabout.

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The current layout of Rudmore Roundabout limits the amount of traffic that can exit on to the M275 motorway when travelling northbound. Buses can also get delayed when travelling from Stamshaw and areas in the north of the city, especially at peak times.

Our plans aim to reduce this congestion and make it quicker for buses to get through the roundabout, while also increasing the capacity of the roundabout to help everyone travel through it.

Our improvements include:

  • Widening the northbound lane to allow two traffic lanes on to the M275 motorway. This will increase the capacity of the junction, so more vehicles can get through.
  • Widening the lane travelling northbound from the port to the M275 so traffic can merge more easily.
  • Extending the southbound bus lane on Mile End Road up to the roundabout, so buses can travel into the city more quickly
  • Improving the flow of traffic on the roundabout by maintaining two traffic lanes from Stamshaw Road and Kingston Crescent
  • Providing cyclists with a safer exit from the roundabout southbound, and on to the existing off-road cycle lane

Watch the video below to see how these improvements will be made.

SEHRT – Rudmore roundabout from Portsmouth City Council on Vimeo.

Rudmore roundabout proposal


We asked for people’s views on our proposals in a survey in August 2021. We received great feedback, which was considered by the project team and used to build the detailed design for the roundabout. You can now view the results of this consultation at our Your City, Your Say website.

Next steps

We finalised designs for Rudmore Roundabout in May 2022. This means that construction work is due to take place in the Summer and we’ll update this page with further information when it’s available.

In April and May 2022, our contractor (Alun Griffiths) completed some preparation work ahead of the main construction phase. We closed some lanes so that Alun Griffiths could safely remove some trees and trim some bushes on the roundabout, helping to improve visibility of signs and hazards for people using it.

Vegetation works at Rudmore Roundabout

We only removed trees that needed to be removed to make these improvements, and plans are in place to replace them as well as add shrubs, wildflowers and other plants. Five trees on the northwest side were removed to allow for two lanes exiting from the port onto the M275. A further two trees were removed on the south side to move a cable underneath them.

As part of our programme, we have a number of plans to improve the area around the roundabout, including a small woodland area around the eastern side to compensate for any trees that are affected as part of these works. This will also make the environment greener and more pleasant for everyone travelling through this area.

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