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Fratton to city centre walking route

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Overview of the scheme

Transforming Cities Fund logoWith 24% of all journeys to work less than 2km, there is significant potential to increase the number of those who walk to work in the city. More people walking instead of driving means reduced congestion, better air quality and improved levels of fitness.

The proposals are an important part of Portsmouth’s Transport Strategy, which aims to encourage more people to walk; cycle and use public transport to make Portsmouth cleaner, greener and better connected.

Supporting the Transport Strategy is the draft Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP). The LCWIP presents a network of key walking routes which will improve access to major employment sites across the city. You can find out more about these routes in the draft LCWIP. The Fratton to Guildhall walking route detailed here is among the top five key walking routes in the city.

This proposal includes improvements identified for LCWIP route sections 80-1, 80-2, 80-3, 80-4 & 27-1.

What is proposed and why

At the beginning of June, Portsmouth City Council introduced a temporary road closure to general traffic on Isambard Brunel Road to aid social distancing in the city centre. We are looking to formalise this arrangement by introducing a bus-only route and reallocating the road space for walking, cycling and public transport only.

Improved footpaths with reduced crossing distances offer safer and more attractive walking routes, giving more priority to pedestrians. This scheme will link with the improved Goldsmith Avenue cycle route.

All proposals are subject to consultation.

Our proposal includes improved footpaths in the following locations:

  • Isambard Brunel Road (LCWIP reference 80 – 1)
  • Greetham Street/Raglan Street (LCWIP reference 80 – 2)
  • Somers Road Raglan Street to Sydenham Terrace (LCWIP reference 80 – 3)
  • Sydenham Terrace: Somers Road-Fratton Bridge (LCWIP reference 80 – 4)
  • Fawcett Road: Fratton Bridge-Manners Road (LCWIP reference 27 – 1)

Next Steps

Schemes are in the final stages of preliminary design. Once complete proposals will be presented to stakeholders for consultation, details of which will be provided here.

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